You’ve shown that you care about our community and our schools.


Thank you moms and dads and kids.

Thank you teachers and staff.

Thank you PTAs and administrators.

Thank you parents and grandparents and passionate citizens of San Mateo and Foster City and beyond.

Over 500 of you sent out over 10,000 postcards to the active voters in support of Measure V (the parcel tax to support our elementary and middle schools), and it PASSED!

You volunteered your time.

You hand wrote each and every postcard.

You stamped them.

You mailed them.

Your words made a difference in our community.

Some of you went even further.

You held postcard parties.

You had postcard play dates.

You pulled in your friends and families.

You pulled in your school.

You even included your kids in the activity of writing postcards!

You are awesome!

We want to extend a special THANK YOU to the following schools for their amazing turnout in this grassroots community effort:

  • Bayside STEAM/STEM (750 Postcards)
  • Foster City Elementary (400 Postcards)
  • LEAD Elementary (400 Postcards)
  • Meadow Heights (600 Postcards)
  • North Shoreview Montessori (450 Postcards)
  • San Mateo Park Elementary (1,100 Postcards)
  • Sunnybrae Elementary (500 Postcards)

(we actually think more schools did more… but these are the names and numbers we have – things got pretty crazy – let us know so we can add you to the list).

And, of course, there were lots of individuals postcard writers:

Lauri Bowser, Molly Reidy, Vivian Lizarraga, Pattie Dullea, Lorry Morales, John Wu, Meredith Yeh, Amorence Lee, Jerri Martin, Lisa Warren, Cristina Haley, Heather Brien, Lisa Azar, Maggie Berkshire, Kristi Puls, Rena Korb, Laura Wratten, Jony Schwartz, Sherri Verducci, Laura Duncan, Molly Gallatin, Jessica Plitt, Amy Connors, Christine Douglas, Cathy Erickson, Alison Proctor, Marianne Wallace, Emily Brandt, Sharon Vause, Melissa Shefer, Saswati Paul, Erica Fowler, Molly Gallatin, Noelia Corzo, Jeannette Ramirez, Christine Semenza, Diane Shew, Tracy Park, Meredith Nassihi, Elizabeth Colglazier, Nancy Richardson Teer, Christina Inman, Tripthi Kamath, Laura Croft, Marci Yamaguchi Hughes, Diane Papan, Rebecca Hitchcock, Ian Cavasos, Doug Christini, Shoshana Gleit, Nancy Hsieh, Colleen Sullivan, Randi Paynter, Diana Harlick, Monique Nakagawa, Julie Marchetti, Megan Charpiot, Gina Dimalanta, Karen Field, Melissa LaRue, Katherine Goodman, Heather Buono, Liv Dahdah, Aileen Baquiran, Delphine Gros, Colleen Harrington, Makiko Shiino, Tiffany Kiniris, Sandi Arata, Cheri Rivera, Alicia Heneghan, Danielle Tremain, Karina Wilhelms, Laura Quanbeck, Virginia Fox, Melanie Mace, Rochel Cook, Emily Bond, Joyce Burns, Heidi Wallweber, Julie Neale, Ruby Mosquera, Andrew Radin, Lisa Romersa, Selena R Trotter, Christina Ogburn-Chow, Joan Rosas, Maria, Jaren Boland Vega, Grace, Simona Capece, Kelly Westberg, Deborah Childress, Jill McHale, Michelle Oberes-Padre, Katherine Grout, Lynn Duri, Zainab Karim, Amy Fickenscher, Julie Tang, Ian McCullough, Melanie Baldwin, Andrew Campbell, Heather Nayak, Leo Bonilla, Renee Ya, Andrea Quinn, Sarlandie Ingrid, Maria Conway, Jessica Gonzalez, Elizabeth Gomes, Bridget Bertrand, Tania Toala, Rumdoul Villegas, Romy Pabolotsky, Sarah Drinkwater, Elyethe Martinez, Kasumi Ito, Jackie Mendoza, Courtney Hanna, Ana Almen, Eric Almen, Sivai Bath, Marianne Wallace, Linda Fenn, Liz Wiegand, Charlotte Lum-Ku, Gokcen A Ciftcioglu, Wini McMichael, Theresa Vallez-Kelly, Shannon Sieckert, Gloria Singh, Dalia Reyes, Amanda Morgan, Annie Tsai, Colleen Sullivan, Cat Burkett, Angela Rodriguez, Laura Duncan, Brenda Marwan, Susan Sanchez, Toni Jones, Lizzy Ortiz, Deeann Bruno, Perry Huang, Zeb Mahmood, Debbie Hussey, Beatriz Morales, Brian Kerr, Maria Nasakerr, Jim Kelly, Cristina Fuentes, Daisy Garcia, Lorry Morales, Jill Cables, Lizzy Weidemann, Christie Griggs, Valerie Benavides, Brittany Rhodes, Josh Becker, Kim Crellin, Debra Torke, Julie MacArthur, Mary Tsao, Robin Barrientos, Nina Aggarwal, Sarah, Christian, Lauren, Teri Parry, Tracey Gilfether, Aileen Snodgrass, Yumi Kawano, Jeannine Holper, Vijay, Chris, Ana, Sujata, May, Toko, Olga, Anthony, Sara Winter, Allison Ross, Suzanne Kennedy, Kerry Kelly, Melanie Baldwin, AnnaMarie Quiros, Robin, Melanie Baldwin, Suzanne Kennedy
Meredith Mengel, Beth Keefer, Shauna Lawry, Lesley Wong, Yasmin, Shana Stolarczyk, and Nancy Weller!

If we missed you, we’re sorry.

Let us know and we’ll add you to the list.


It has been a sincere pleasure for us at working on this because we’ve gotten to meet so many of you, to see your commitment to our schools through your dedicated action, and to see your pictures and videos of your work on facebook and via email!

While’s focus is on better outcomes for special needs kids…. we care about ALL kids (as all kids are general education kids, even when they have special education services) and this has been an amazing opportunity to help ALL KIDS!

If you’d like to help do more to create better outcomes for all special needs kids… we thank you.

If you would like to learn more about or need our help to navigate the systems while we’re working to improve them… let us know.

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