Even after researching and analyzing special education laws and policies for years, I can still get caught up on the question of whether a special need or disability does or does not qualify a child for an IEP and/or a 504 in school… this may be in the form of accommodations, services, or other supports to help the child access their education. A child that qualifies (or should be identified as qualifying) is protected by the law.

I have found this site to be one of the most helpful in explaining the in’s and out’s of where to begin, providing answers to basic questions such as:

  • What is special education?
  • Who qualifies for special education?
  • What disabilities are covered by special education?
  • What does “least restrictive environment” mean?
  • What strategies help special education students in the general education classroom?
  • What are self-contained classrooms, inclusion and out-of-district placement?
  • What are accommodations? What are modifications?
  • What do “related services” include?
  • What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

I hope you find it helpful!


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