What kind of school district do we want?
I want an A+ school district.
I want a district where 95% of our kids are “at or above” grade level on standard tests. And where we are working our behinds off to help that remaining 5%.
I want a district where we are proud of our students, teachers, staff, facilities, and community.
I want a district where teachers fight to come teach at.
I want a district which is a model for serving students of all incomes, language skills, and any and every other difference that make up our community.
I want a district that, no matter how good it is, is working to be relentlessly better.
I want the chance to pay for that district, those schools, and contribute to that community.
… and it starts with passing Measure V.
I don’t care how we got here, why we got here, or who got us here.
I just want us to get on with becoming an A+ school district.
Because, if we decide to have an A+ school district, that says something about Foster City and San Mateo… and that is something that all of us can get behind.
I can sell that.
You can sell that.
Because, otherwise, we are arguing about whether we are going to be a D or a C- school district.
(At least when I went to school in San Mateo, I’m pretty sure a grade in the “low 60s” was a D).
No one is going to fight for that.
… and we can all stop wasting our time.
Because, if we make that choice as a community, we have made an intentional choice to be barely mediocre.
If that is what our community decides… at least we’ll know where we stand.
But let’s at least dare to ask them to be excellent.
  • Your “Yes” vote on Measure V is a vote to start turning our school district around. But it is only the first step.
  • Your “No” vote is a vote for mediocre schools for more than 12,000 of your neighborhood kids.
It’s your choice.
If you’d like to help, let me know.
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