LCAP = Local Control Accountability Plan; A required document, which must be approved by your School Board on an annual basis in connection with its approval of the District’s Budget.

If you want to learn more about your District’s LCAP, this resource suggests the following questions to pose at LCAP community-input meetings:

  • What are the district’s top priorities?
  • How much progress was made last year toward meeting those goals?
  • What are the greatest needs?
  • Where are the gaps in student performance? Are they getting better or worse, and why?
  • How is the district delivering services for low-income students, English learners and foster youth? (Under LCFF, your district receives specific funding that it is expected to use in support of these students — it is the community’s job to notice if this isn’t happening.)
  • Did the district use all of the money in its plan last year or are there some areas where money was not spent?
  • If the plan is not working, what changes are being considered?

In regard to funding and planning for educating kids with special needs, this is a terrific source of information:

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