Would you stay in a job if the only raise you got was 3 percent every 7 years?

That is what the real increase proposed for Measure V is providing – a $3 million increase to the $7 million 2010 Measure A parcel tax   (the other increases in the parcel tax have been to account for inflation).

What is scary is that we’re doing the same thing again.

Measure A gave a similar $3 Million increase in 2010.

$3 Million out of a $122 Million budget.

A 2.45% real increase in funding for our schools every 7 years.

(actually 8 years, since Measure Y failed last year)

Around 0.3% per year.

THAT is how much the people of San Mateo and Foster City are investing in our kids.

That isn’t a raise, that’s a checking account.

Measure V is a critical first step for our kids, join us.

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